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GG Shearling Hat - Cognac


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GG Shearling Hat - Cognac

Classic and super soft shearling hat. The design is the typical "ear flap hat" where the shearling can be gathered under the chin, with a simple velcro closure. Or it can be gathered over the head so you can see the soft fine fur on the inside. The ear flaps can also just hang loose and still provide good heat without being closed. The hat is produced in 100% shearling. The design is quite simple, soft and warm. Rulam is water-repellent but not 100% waterproof. UNISEX model. The size of the hat is the usual onesize of 58 cm - but due to the velcro closure, the size can be adjusted both slightly in and out. Our definition of a ONESIZE model. The color tones of the used shearling are identical to our product "GG shearling gloves". A smart set if you want to match.

Design By Great Greenland

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