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Lampshade w. Sealskin, Big 43x32

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Lampshade holstered with Sealskin, Natural Harp, Big 43x32.

Elegant and rustic lampshade, holstered with Greenlandic harp seal in natural color. Get a soft and cozy atmosphere in your home, with a completely unique lampshade. The lampshade can be combined with both a cable set or a lamp base. The screen fits both large and small sockets, as you can adjust the screen frame to both sizes. The screen frame is made of steel. Inside, the screen is covered with a copper foil, which provides the most beautiful light and a warm glow in the room. Through small holes in the screen, light also gets through the sealskincover. Every single lamp is unique, as natural skin is never the same in spots or color shades. All screens are handmade by designer Charlotte Bodil for Great Greenland. The screen has a velcro closure and the assembly is very simple. The lampshade is made in 3 sizes.

IMPORTANT: It is very important that only ordinary LED bulbs are used with this lampshade. This is because the sealskin does not tolerate heat emissions from ex. halogen bulbs - only LED bulbs do not emit heat during use.

Dimensions, 3 sizes:
Small: approx. 20 cm wide & 16 cm high.
Medium: 34 cm wide & 25 cm high.
Large: 43 cm wide & 32 cm high.

Handmade & Designed by Charlotte Bodil for Great Greenland.

In Stock. In Stock.



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