Qanik asphalt


 134 EUR   

Classic sealskin mittens with an exclusive edge of white blue fox

These cosy and warm mittens are produced in a beautiful mix of ring seal and white blue fox.

The design is simple and classic and lined with 100% shearling.

They have a good length on the shaft and together with the lining and fur edge, it causes the lap to end up well. Warm and useful throughout the winter season.

This a unisex model.

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 Qanik asphalt XS   QanikAsfaltHvidBlårævXSma   Qanik asphalt XS   134 EUR 
 Qanik asphalt small   QanikAsfaltHvidBlårævSmal   Qanik asphalt small   134 EUR 
 Qanik asphalt medium   QanikAsfaltHvidBlårævMedi   Qanik asphalt medium   134 EUR 
 Qanik asphalt large   QanikAsfaltHvidBlårævLarg   Qanik asphalt large   134 EUR 
 Qanik asphalt XL   QanikAsfaltHvidBlårævXL   Qanik asphalt XL   134 EUR 
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