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Pillowcase - Many Colors 40x40


 134 EUR  
107 EUR (without vat)

Pillowcase with Sealskin - Many Colors. Dimensions: 40x40 cm pillow.

Pillowcase made of sealskin for a 40x40 cm´s pillow. Closes with a zipper in the back. The cushion cover measures approx. 39x39 cm. but must be used with a 40x40 cm´s pillow, for proper stretching in the sealskin. The pillow has beautiful and decorative sealskin on one side and suede/fabric on the other side. The pillow cover is made in our Greenlandic sewing room. Sealskin is very durable and easy to maintaine. Available in many different colors and in both the seal species Ringed seal and Harp seal. Choose color below.

Note it is a 100% handmade product, so mm. deviations may occur in measurements.

All natural skins vary in color shades as well as seal spots. If you have special wishes for your pillowcase, just write it in the commentary on your order. We will then do our best to find the right match recording to your wishes. (Ex. Many spots, as light as possible, as dark as possible, few spots, etc.)

Design By Great Greenland.


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    Model   Name-   Quantity   Price 
 Pillowcase - Ringseal Natural 40x40   PudebetrækRINGNAT   Pillowcase - Ringseal Natural 40x40   134 EUR  
108 EUR (without vat)
 Pillowcase - Ringseal Blue 40x40   PudebetrækRINGBLÅ   Pillowcase - Ringseal Blue 40x40   124 EUR  
99 EUR (without vat)
 Pillowcase - Ringseal Yellow 40x40   PudebetrækRingGUL   Pillowcase - Ringseal Yellow 40x40   124 EUR  
99 EUR (without vat)
 Pillowcase - Harpseal Natural 40x40   PudebetrækGRLNAT   Pillowcase - Harpseal Natural 40x40   134 EUR  
108 EUR (without vat)
 Pillowcase - Harpseal Rød 40x40   PudebetrækGRLRED   Pillowcase - Harpseal Rød 40x40   124 EUR  
99 EUR (without vat)
 Pillowcase - Ringseal Red 40x40   PudebetrækRingRED   Pillowcase - Ringseal Red 40x40   124 EUR  
99 EUR (without vat)
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