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Nuka Shearling Gloves, Black


 47 EUR   

Nuka Shearling Gloves, Black

Classic and super cool shearling gloves made of 100% shearling leather. The design is simple yet super cool. The lining is the soft backside of the shearling leather, so they are very warm and usable throughout the winter and autumn season. For a more "exclusive" look, the shearling edge can be bent forward at the shaft. Two very different looks in the same glove. One masculine expression and a feminine expression. The "bent" also means that you can regulate the size/length a lot. The model is very normal in size and will give a little when used. Shearling is water-repellent but not 100% waterproof. The shearling Great Greenland uses in mitt productions are remnants from our shearling jacket productions. We thereby consume everything in the shearling skin, to ensure as sustainable production as possible in our sewing rooms.

Note it is a 100% handmade product so mm. deviations may occur.

S: small hand, M: normal woman hand L: large woman/small male hand. XL: male hand.


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 Nuka Shearling Gloves, Black - Size S   NukaSortS   Nuka Shearling Gloves, Black - Size S   47 EUR 
 Nuka Shearling Gloves, Black - Size L   NukaSortL   Nuka Shearling Gloves, Black - Size L   47 EUR 
 Nuka Shearling Gloves, Black - Size XL   NukaSortXL   Nuka Shearling Gloves, Black - Size XL   47 EUR 
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