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GG Maxi Sealskin Wallet, Kiwi

[MAXIGGPungKIWI] {5704225908176}

 141 EUR  
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GG MAXI Sealskin Wallet/Clutch, Kiwi Harp Seal

GG Maxi sealskin wallet is made of Greenlandic kiwi harp seal & black leather. The purse has a classic design with alot of space. A wallet with such a size that even an iphone/smartphone can go in it without any problems. It can therefore also be used as a clutch bag at a festive occasion. The wallet has sealskin on one side and leather with GG logo embossing on the other side. It has as many as 20 cardholder compartments, 6 compartments for banknotes, telephone and various papers, as well as a separate compartment with a zipper closure for coins etc. in the middle. The wallet closes with a strong and durable zipper. The zipper has a smart leather pendant around the zipper, so it can be easily pulled smoothly around the opening of the wallet. A Great Greenland logo has been embossed in the leather on the back of the wallet. A really beautiful wallet/clutch that is both smart and practical to use.

Measurements: 20 cm long, 1.5 cm wide, 2 cm deep, closed without filling.

All natural skins vary in color shades as well as seal spots. If you have special wishes for your wallet, just write it in the commentary box on your order. We will then do our best to find the right match recording to your wishes. (Ex. Many spots, as light as possible, as dark as possible, few spots, etc.)

Design by Great Greenland.

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