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All sealskin processed by Great Greenland is caught by Greenlandic Inuit hunters alongside the Greenlandic coast. All skins are tanned at Great Greenland's tanning facilities in South Greenland. All sealskins comply with EU legislations. Only Inuit hunted sealskins are approved for sale, production and import in the EU. See more on the EU official website. Support the greenlandic seal hunters - for the benefit of Greenland. 

Qualities: At Great Greenland we work with 6 different qualities in sealskin. A,B,C,D,E & "discarded" skins. The seal lives freely in the Greenlandic waters, and through its free living, will have sustained damage to the fur. Shrimp bites, shreds from fighting, discoloration, etc. It is therefore not a fur product like other "raised" types of fur. And of cours, since it is a 100% natural product, you cannot align either hair lenghts, color or the size of the seal. Nothing is PERFECT when you deal with wild living animals. 

A-skins are VERY rare and will always be used for coat production. An A-skin has a maximum of 2 minor defects. B-skins are also rare in our range. A B-skin can have up to 8 small bugs (tipically shrimp bites). C-skins are the quality we use in Great Greenland for the vast majority of our finished products. A C-skind can have many small errors, as well as 1-2 major erroros. These errors can be avoided in product production (worked around). A C-skin can also be used as a fine decorative skin. D-skins have significant flaws. D-skins are therefore used ONLY for the production of small and medium-sized products, where you can work around the damaged parts of the skins. E-skins and "discarded" skins are VERY damaged skins. Here you only use the skins for very small products such as keyrings, jewelery etc. 

A,B,C-skins can be used for clothing, crafts and decoration. 
D,E & "Discarded" -skins should not be used as a decorative skins as they are too damaged. These skins can only be used for the production of smaller accessories, where you can work around the flaws in the skins. 

It is important to note that on natural skins, flaws will be more apparent. The colored skins are therefore more beautifull, in the various qualities, as the coloring has corrected any possible discoloring of the skin from nature. Shrimp bites is also stored far better in a colored skin. To the untrained eye, in many cases they will not be seen at all.    

Colors: At Great Greenland, we primarily sell natural sealskins, but we also color many skins in popular and fashionable colors. A dye will only be considered if the natural skin is dis-colored. A dye saves the skin from being discarded so we ensure sustainable production. A beautiful natural skin will never be colored unless it is needed.

Harp seal:
Harp seal is also called Greenlandic seal or silk seal. The name silk seal is a very striking description for the appearance of the skin - it is glossy and soft and it shines like silk. The harp seal is used primarily for clothing, but it is also extremely decorative for interior. The Harp seal is characterized by its natural grey color and the sporadic spots that are scattered over the skin. Some sealskins have many spots, some have few.

Ring Seal:
The Ring Seal is the type of seal skin which most people relate to Greenland. The Ring Seal’s clear and notable ring markings along the ridge has been seen in the Inuit’s clothing for hundreds of years, and today the Ring Seal is still used for clothing and interior.

The Ring Seal’s natural color is light grey with very notable markings along the ridge which can vary from light grey to almost black. The look of the skin is very different from skin to skin but they are always very decorative. The Ring seals come in long haired and short haired versions. The long haired skin looks more furry while the short haired is more “flat”. The short haired Ring Seal is also slightly bigger than the long haired Ring Seal.

NOTE: All our skin pictures are taken of C skins and all skins has a different look, size and color.

Support the Greenlandic seal hunters. Great Greenland is owned by the Greenlandic Government. Our most important task is to keep alive the profession of seal hunters. When you shop at Great Greenland you automatically support the Greenlandic hunters - for the benefit of Greenland. Thank you!
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