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Welcome to our Webshop & Website.

Great Greenland is your trusted supplier of sealskin products. We have been selling sealskin and ready-made products of the highest quality since 1977. And now you can finally  get your hands on all of our unique products through our web shop - with world wide shipping.

We have been engaging in sustainable and ethical production of sealskin since the company’s establishment, and we will continue to hold on to these values and traditions moving forward.

In Harmony with the greenlandic nature.

We pride ourselves with the fact that all seal hunting takes place in accordance with EU seal hunting legislation. Only sealskin caught by Inuit hunters are approved for sale, production and import in the EU.
This is recognized by WWF and Greenpeace.

Read more here on the EU official website:
EU - The Official Seal Regime - English

All sealskins processed by Great Greenland are caught by Greenlandic Inuit hunters along the Greenlandic coast. All skins are tanned at Great Greenland's tannery in southern Greenland.

We strive to deliver the best fur products - caught, tanned and produced in harmony with Greenlandic nature. We offer fashionable and environmentally friendly collections, made in modern designs, consisting of sustainable Greenlandic sealskin, combined with other materials.

We specialize in producing and trading high quality fur products. We mainly engage in the production of outerwear, accessories and footwear for both children and adults. All of these products include Greenlandic quality sealskin. You are thus ensured a quality product that is the result of sustainable production supporting Inuit hunters.

Our headquarters are based in southern Greenland that include tannery, visitor center, administration, sewing room & store. We have a department in Denmark that include webshop warehouse, international sales department, showroom & store. Since we deliver worldwide, you can have a piece of sealskin all the way from Greenland delivered right to your home wherever you are. World wide Shipping. 

You can purchase the following products in our webshop:

• Sealskin jackets
• Sealskin mittens
• Sealskin bags
• Sealskin slippers
• Sealskin for decoration
• Lamb skin products
• Hats
• Jewelry

.... and many other modern seal products and quality materials.

We can help you whether you are looking for a new coat, purse or a pair of comfortable mittens.

Other than being sustainable and ethical, we also deliver a premium service to ensure the best customer experience. If you want to make a good deal on sustainable Greenlandic sealskin, then you have come to the right one. Great Greenland is owned by the Government of Greenland.

So you are directly supporting the Greenlanders
when you shop at Great Greenland.

Great Greenland manufactures and sells quality sealskins as well as design products for clothing & accessories for consumers & wholesale businesses worldwide.

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