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Harp Seal - Kiwi Dark - Grade D

[HarpKiwiD] {5704225907339}

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Important information about sealskin and qualities:
Sealskin is graded in qualities A, B, C, D, E, and rejected skins. "A" skin = top quality (very rare). "E" quality = skin with many flaws. Please note that all our product photos of sealskin in the webshop are taken from C or B skins. Color tones vary from skin to skin. Sizes also vary from skin to skin. The skin you see in the product photo is NOT the one you are purchasing. If you have specific preferences for a skin, please write it in the comments on your order, and we will do our best to find a suitable skin, but we do not guarantee fulfilling these requests.

Quality descriptions: A, B, C, D, E, and rejected. A-skin has a maximum of two flaws. B-skin can have up to eight flaws. C-skin can have more flaws, including one to two major flaws. D-skin can have areas without hair or hard leather. E and rejected skins are typically very damaged with discolorations, only suitable for producing very small items, after which the rest of the skin is entirely discarded. In Great Greenland's own production of finished goods, we primarily work with C and D qualities.

Seals live in the wild, which often results in "damage" from nature's side, affecting the quality of the skin. However, this is also what makes each sealskin unique! Quality descriptions tell you something about the overall condition of the skin, how perfect or imperfect it is. Read more about sealskin here:

Colored sealskin: At Great Greenland, we primarily sell natural skin, but we also dye many skins in popular and fashionable colors. Dyeing is only considered if the natural skin is seriously discolored. Dyeing thus salvages the skin from being discarded, ensuring sustainable production. A beautiful natural skin will never be dyed unless necessary.

Decorative or handcraft skins? Sealskin is highly decorative and can be used as, among other things, rugs, chair or sofa cushions. Only your imagination sets the limits. Sealskin behaves like other leather goods regarding wear and maintenance. It is a wonderful material for crafting.

All sealskin processed by Great Greenland is caught by Greenlandic Inuit hunters along the Greenlandic coast. All skins are tanned at Great Greenland's tannery in South Greenland. All sealskin complies with EU regulations concerning sealskin. Only Inuit-harvested sealskin is approved for sale, production, and import in the EU. See more here on the EU's official website.

Harpseal/Greenlandic Seal:
The harp seal is also called the Greenlandic seal or silk seal. The name "silk seal" is a fitting description of the appearance of the skin – it is shiny and soft, just like silk. Harp seals are primarily used for clothing, but they are also highly decorative for interior purposes. Harp seals are characterized by their natural gray color and sporadic spots scattered over the skin. Some sealskins have many spots, while others have few.

Please note that all our skin product photos on the webshop are taken from B and C skin qualities. Sealskins are all unique and can vary in size and color shades within the same quality group.

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