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About Great Greenland 

Great Greenland was founded in 1977 by Hans Lassen under the name Grønlandsgarveriet (i.e. the tannery of Greenland) where it acquired and tanned Greenlandic sealskin. The newly formed business located in the south of Greenland expanded quickly with a workroom that still today produces much of the products of Great Greenland. 

In 1982, Great Greenland became a limited company owned by the Government of Greenland.

The headquarters of Great Greenland is located in Qaqortoq, a city in the south of Greenland. It is in the headquarters where a highly skilled workforce works with tanning and production of all kinds of Greenlandic fur. Sealskin is still a specialty of Great Greenland, but we also work with other Greenlandic skins such as musk, lambs and polar bear.

All skins produced by Great Greenland originate from wild animals that have lived naturally in the Greenlandic nature. Great Greenland only allows production of skins from animals that have been caugt in accordance with the Greenlandic Inuit traditions. 

The European Inuit exception rule has allowed importation of Greenlandic sealskin into the EU.

Great Greenland manufactures and sells quality seal leather as well as designer finished goods within clothing and accessories. We deliver the best quality of sealskin products; caught, tanned and produced in harmony with the Greenlandic nature and traditions.
We offer fashionable and environmentally friendly collections, made in a modern design mix, consisting of sustainable Greenlandic sealskin, combined with other innovative materials.

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