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Butterfly Many Colors

[Butterfly] {5704225901801}

 27 EUR  
21 EUR (without vat)

Butterfly Many Colors

Butterfly made of Greenlandic sealskin at our sewing studio in Qaqortoq, South Greenland. The butterfly is 12 cm wide and 5 cm high at the widest point. The bow is assembled with a piece of black leather. The butterfly is tied with a string. Comes in many fun colors, for the festive evening.

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    Model   Name+   Quantity   Price 
 Butterfly Natural   ButterflyNatur 
 Butterfly Natural   27 EUR  
21 EUR (without vat)
 Butterfly Green   ButterflyGrøn 
 Butterfly Green   27 EUR  
21 EUR (without vat)
 Butterfly Blue   ButterflyBlå 
 Butterfly Blue   27 EUR  
21 EUR (without vat)
 Butterfly Red   ButterflyRød 
 Butterfly Red   27 EUR  
21 EUR (without vat)
 Butterfly Black   ButterflySort 
 Butterfly Black   27 EUR  
21 EUR (without vat)
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