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Bluey Slippers, Blue

[BlueySlippers] {5704225906448}

 114 EUR  
91 EUR (without vat)

Bluey Slippers in Dark Blue w. colored trim.

Gorgeous slippers in sealskin with a nice full colored finnraccoon trim. Lined with lambskin and polar fleece. A perfect slipper for the cold seasons and cold floors in general. The bottom of the slipper is made of seal leather, inner bottom is sealskin and lambskin - both soft and warm. The slipper model is one of our absolute bestsellers and has been for years.

A slipper in sealskin with lamb lining must fit tight around your foot, when you try it for the first time. It will expand up to half a size, when used. The lamb lining will then adapt around your foot. Therefore there is no right or left shoe from the beginning. When used you will no longer be in doubt about right or left shoe when you step into them.

Sizes measured from heel to toe, approx. cm. (External measurements). 35: 23cm, 36: 24cm, 37: 24,5cm, 38: 25cm, 39: 25,5cm, 40: 26,5cm, 41: 27cm, 42:28cm, 43: 29cm, 44: 30cm, 45: 30,5cm, 46:31,5cm, 47: 32cm, 48: 32,5cm.

Our size´s are very "normal". Do you have a foot that is in between two sizes - go with the smaller size.

Note it is a 100% handmade product so small variations may occur in meassurements.



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 Bluey Slippers, Blue, Size 47   BlueySlippers47 
 Bluey Slippers, Blue, Size 47   114 EUR  
91 EUR (without vat)
 Bluey Slippers, Blue, Size 46   BlueySlippers46 
 Bluey Slippers, Blue, Size 46   114 EUR  
91 EUR (without vat)
 Bluey Slippers, Blue, Size 45   BlueySlippers45 
 Bluey Slippers, Blue, Size 45   114 EUR  
91 EUR (without vat)
 Bluey Slippers, Blue, Size 42   BlueySlippers42 
 Bluey Slippers, Blue, Size 42  Out of stock  114 EUR  
91 EUR (without vat)
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