About Great Greenland


Great Greenland was founded in 1977 by Hans Lassen under the name Grønlandsgarveriet (i.e. the tannery of Greenland) where it acquired and tanned Greenlandic sealskin. The newly formed business located in the south of Greenland expanded quickly with a workroom that still today produces much of the products of Great Greenland.

In 1982, Great Greenland became a limited company owned by the Government of Greenland.

The headquarters of Great Greenland is located in Qaqortoq, a city in the south of Greenland. It is in the headquarters where a highly skilled workforce works with tanning and production of all kinds of Greenlandic fur. Sealskin is still a specialty of Great Greenland, but we also work with other Greenlandic skins such as musk, lambs and polar bear.

All skins produced by Great Greenland originate from wild animals that have lived naturally in the Greenlandic nature. Great Greenland only allows production of skins from animals that have been caugt in accordance with the Greenlandic Inuit traditions.

The European Inuit exception rule has allowed importation of Greenlandic sealskin into the EU.

Annual reports
Below are links to the annual reports for the previous five years

Organization and the Board

Great Greenland A/S is owned by the Government of Greenland.
Below is a chart of the organization and the board of Great Greenland.


CEO Preben Møller
Tlf: +299 64 71 24
E-mail: preben@great-greenland.gl

The Board

• Juliane Henningsen  

• Tommy Ege Kristensen 

• Niels Eli Boassen 

• Erik Sivertsen 

• Anette Grønkjær Lings

The Visitor Center

The story about the use of sealskin brings up the story of the Inuits. It is about the people who are in touch with nature and live by the concept of sustainability, which the rest of the world learned about much later in history.
Seal still plays a vital role in the Greenlandic society, as they did a thousand years ago. It is stil the main source of income for many sealhunters and the seal meat is part of the Greenlandic cuisine.

Great Greenland has established the Visitor Center to tell the story about the use of seal in the Greenlandic society. Visitors will come to appreciate the seal's importance to the population of Greenland through exhibitions and live workshops in the workroom. Visitors can have a guided tour for an additional fee.

The Visitor Center is located in the headquarters of Great Greenland in Qaqortoq.
The workroom is in the Center where you can take courses in skin sewing.

The Visitor Center is open Monday – Friday from 10-16.